Setup Instructions for SugarSync

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With CloudFuze, you can now add multi-cloud file management and collaboration for your SugarSync account!


Access and Manage Your SugarSync Account Through CloudFuze

 Steps to obtain the SugarSync credentials required to set your account up in CloudFuze:
  • 1. Create sugar sync account at .
  • 2. After creating account successfully, log in as a developer into with your SugarSync credentials.
  • 3. Next select Managing Keys and Apps from the menu on the left.
  • 4. Then select “Add Keys”. You should then see the following information provided by SugarSync.
  • 5. You now have your Access Key (5th box for CloudFuze setup) and Private Access Key (6th box for CloudFuze setup). Those are the 1st box below.
  • 6. Next from the same middle menu where you selected “Add Keys”, select “Create Application”. You should then see information similar to the “Your Apps” table below. This is the App ID that is required for the Application ID (4th box for CloudFuze setup).

Create SugarSync Cloud

  • 7. Now you have 3 keys (Access Key ID, Private Access Key and Application ID) along with User ID, password and Display Name of your account. 
    • User Id : ****
    • Password : ****i@123
    • Display Name : ****
    • Application id : /sc/8135975/474_249786299 (above Figure1)
    • Access Key ID : ODEzNTk3NT******************* (above Figure1)
    • Private Access Key : Yjc0YTgzYTg4M2YwND*********************** (above Figure1)


Adding SugarSync to CloudFuze



Step 1 :

  • Go to “Add Clouds” page in CloudFuze application and click on SugarSync icon. The following window will appear. Fill in the User ID, Password and the credentials attained from the steps above.

Step 2 :

  • After entering all of the credentials for your SugarSync account, click on the “Save Changes” button. Next, go to “My Clouds” on the “Files” page to check that your SugarSync account has been successfully added to your CloudFuze account.