CloudFuze Personal Dashboard: Share, Transfer, and Secure.

As your personal files accumulate, so does your need for one or more cloud storage drives. While using numerous clouds is a practical storage solution, scattered personal clouds make it difficult to find files quickly. CloudFuze grants you access to each of your clouds,in addition to a suite of management tools,from the comfort of one user-friendly platform.Find, transfer, and share files across your clouds using the leading CloudFuze product: the personal CloudFuze dashboard. For business professionals, CloudFuze also offers an administrative product to pair with the personal dashboard. The personal panel is perfect for customized sharing between business team members, project collaboration, as well as individual file management.

Take a closer look at the Personal CloudFuze Panel below.

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Meet the Panel


Your personal CloudFuze account includes three navigation sections: Files, Migrate and Clouds.


Start with File Collaboration


Our Files page serves as afile collaboration tool. CloudFuze provides a number of featureswithin this section, developed to provide fast access and encourage collaborative work across different clouds. Find files using the search bar in the upper right-hand corner. Once you find what you need,you can use the share button to send items to friends, family and colleagues.Depending on the sensitivity of your documents, you can select password protection, download count permissions, as well as a file expiration date for anything you share. CloudFuze also allows you to filter your folder view by file type, date created, as well as customized categories. By grouping your files from acrossclouds, you can find the most relevant information rapidly. For more details on file collaboration features, click here.

Make A Move


The second section of the personal dashboard is the Migrate page, which serves as a platform for file transfer needs. In three simple steps, move any number of files from one cloud to another. Begin by selecting the files you wish to move, under the “Source Cloud.” Then choose where you would like to place the files under the “Destination Cloud.”Once you have made your selections, click “Migrate” and then select “Confirm Migration.” That’s it! Because CloudFuze is an online panel, the process will continue online without taking up any of your time. Once you initiate your file migration, enjoy other activities or get back to work instead of waiting around for the process to complete. The personal CloudFuze panel will send you a notification once the process is complete, or you can check on the transfer progress in the “Migration Reports” section. View more details about cloud file transfer and features here.

Secure from Start to Finish


The final section of the CloudFuze personal dashboard is the Clouds page. Here is where you upload and sync your personal cloud services. We understand and respect the importance of privacy as well as security when it comes to protecting cloud information. This is why, our online platform is created with special attention to file security during each process performed across your personal cloudbackup devices. CloudFuze is also available from mobile devices with equal security measures in place so you can share, transfer and manage on the go. Learn more about cloud security using CloudFuze here. If you own a business and are considering platforms for further control of cloud transfers, view our second layer of security specifically for businesses on the CloudFuze Enterprise Panel page.

“CloudFuze has a ready-made solution that combines enterprise migration and consumer cloud migration.”—Ema

Features from the CloudFuze Personal Panel


All of your cloud files from the comfort of one login control panel ensuring fast and secure access.
Support for over 40 separate cloud storage services and options to configure multiple accounts per cloud service provider.
Fastest possible file transfer process. Click to initiate a migration and the rest of the process will continue while you’re away. Log out and receive an email notification when your file transfer is complete.

Keep moving by downloading the CloudFuze mobile app. Access files on-the-go with our trademark security features.

Collaborate with coworkers with extra security when sharing information. Customize each file shared with password protection, number of allowed downloads and duration of access.

Keep track of when and where your files were moved with detailed CloudFuze reports.

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