The CloudFuze team is pleased to announce the release of CloudFuze 2.0.  This release is available for no additional cost to CloudFuze customers.  The new release will include the CloudFuze capabilities that you are already familiar with and also add new features.

The Android, iOS and web app version of 2.0 are available now. The Windows desktop version will be available Soon.  Customers will be notified via email when the Windows desktop versions become available.

CloudFuze will support version 1.1 through for a period of time to allow customers to make the transition on their own schedule.

New features include:

More cloud and ECM storage connectivity.  CloudFuze 2.0 adds support for Microsoft One Drive, Amazon S3, Unbuntu One, Alfresco and ShareFile.  In addition, industry-standard connectors for CMIS, WebDAV and FTP extend the reach of CloudFuze to other storage systems with industry-standard interfaces.

Enhanced file share functionality.  Files can now be shared with public, private and restricted settings and/or with password protection and expirations.

Increased management and search capabilities.  In CloudFuze 2.0, customers gain additional tagging and sorting capabilities and also the ability to search for files across all cloud storage services within the CloudFuze platform.

Move functionality. Customers can now use CloudFuze to move files from one cloud storage service to another.

If you have any questions or problems related to this transition, please contact us at  We also welcome product feedback at the same address.