Add Clouds and Files and Manage


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  • Manage all of your files regardless of cloud storage service from a universal platform.
  • Stop wasting time logging into multiple cloud storage services individually.
  • Gain a single point of access to all of your files stored in the cloud.

Step by Step Instructions to Add Clouds and Manage Files across Multiple Clouds

Step 1 :

  • Log in and add cloud and other storage services to your account.
  • After logging in, click on “Clouds” on the menu on the left side of the screen.
  • This will present a list of storage services supported by CloudFuze.
  • Simply click on the storage service that you wish to add to your CloudFuze account.
Add Cloud

Click on Clouds

Step 2 :

  • Authenticate each individual storage account that you wish to add to CloudFuze, including multiple accounts for the same storage service.
  • Next you will be presented with a login screen for the particular storage service that you selected.
  • Simply click on a cloud storage service and enter your login (and possibly other required) credentials to access your account through CloudFuze.
  • You can even add multiple accounts for the same storage service.
  • IMPORTANT: To add the second account, you must make sure you are first logged out of that account. If you are already logged into the first account that you added, you will be unable to add the second account.

Add Multiple Clouds

Add Multiple Clouds

Step 3 :

  • See all of the files and storage services that you have added to CloudFuze by clicking on “Files” on the far left menu.
  • 3a-You can view files based on “Recent Files” or “All Files” by clicking on these selections from the menu choice in the menu column second from the far left.

Click On Files

Click On Files

  • 3b-Once you have a list of files, you can sort the list by “Cloud Drive”, “Added On” (date) or “Last Edited” (date) by clicking on these column headers.

Select Your Cloud

Click On Your Cloud Under My Clouds

Step 4:

  • Select a file or files by clicking on the box next to its name to see the actions that you can take within CloudFuze.
  • Options include basic file operations like delete, rename, open and download and also CloudFuze features like move, share and workspace.