CloudFuze 2.0 Product Release Frequently Asked Questions

When is version 2.0 of CloudFuze available?

The web app and Android client are available June 2, 2014. The Apple iOS client is submitted to the Apple App Store and estimated to be available about June 16, 2014. The Windows desktop client will be available after that. We will send an email to announce CloudFuze 2.0 availability for iOS and Windows desktop.


Is there a cost to upgrade to 2.0?

No. CloudFuze 2.0 is free to current CloudFuze customers.

How do I upgrade?
The upgrade process is generally initiated and driven through the login process (web app) or through the normal upgrade process for mobile apps. You can find step by step instructions HERE


What else must I do to transition to CloudFuze 2.0?

You will need to reauthenticate each of your cloud accounts.

Will my files still be in CloudFuze?

CloudFuze does NOT store your files. Rather CloudFuze accesses them through the cloud services, so once you reauthenticate, your files will again appear in CloudFuze 2.0. Otherwise the process to transition to CloudFuze 2.0 is minimal.

Will CloudFuze still support version 1.1? By when do I need to upgrade?

To enable customers to transition on their own schedule, CloudFuze will continue to support version 1.1 until July 31, 2014. The goal is to migrate all accounts by that time.

What changes have been made for version 2.0?
At a general level, CloudFuze 2.0 offers 3 new benefits for users:
1) An improved interface and user experience.
2) Additional cloud, ECM system and industry-standard interface support.
3) New functionality.
You can find a detailed list of new features HERE
What if I have additional questions?

Please contact us at