CloudFuze vs. Microsoft: Microsoft Migration Tool Alternative

If your company is planning to migrate from one cloud collaboration suite to another, you are needed to use a cloud file migration or cloud data migration tool to properly move the business data by preserving sharing permissions and a number of other features.

If you are an IT admin finding a tool that helps your company to migrate to Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), you may already know a couple of tools and services from Microsoft.

Many companies aren’t sure whether to choose a Microsoft data migration tool or a third-party tool like CloudFuze.

The following information helps you gain more information about Microsoft migration tools and how they are compared with CloudFuze.

Microsoft Migration Tools Pros:

  • Free
  • Ideal solution for small-scale migrations


  • Not ideal for large and mission-critical migration projects
  • Lacks features like delta (incremental) migration
  • Lacks features like metadata, shared links, external shares, and Box Notes migration
  • Doesn’t come with priority support or dedicated migration managers
  •  Can’t be deployed in cloud or on a client’s server for better

CloudFuze vs. vs. SPMT

Feature CloudFuze SharePoint Migration Tool (SPMT) Mover
Content Migration Yes Yes Yes
User Migration Yes Yes Yes
Delta Migration Yes No Yes
Support Yes No Yes
Dedicated Migration Manager Yes No No
Box Shared Links Migration Yes No No
Metadata Migration Yes No No
Box Notes Migration Yes No No
Deployable in Client’s Cloud Yes No No
Trusted by Universities, Large Organizations, Government Agencies Yes No No