Integrate Spark with CloudFuze


This guide will help you integrate your Spark Account to your CloudFuze account


Login to CloudFuze and click on Settings in the top right corner.


On the Settings page, Click on CISCO Spark


The Spark Settings page will open. You will now integrate your CloudFuze account to your Spark account.

Toggle the Spark Connection button to Activate the integration.


CloudFuze will now redirect you to Spark where you will be asked to enter your Spark login credentials.


CloudFuze will perform the OAuth authentication-the industry standard for secure authentication. When you click Accept,you are authorizing CloudFuze to access your information in Spark.


Your CloudFuze account has now been integrated with you Spark account. The Spark Connection button is ON


You have to now sync your Spark Account to any Cloud of your choice. Sync means two things :

  • All files available in Spark will now be available in the native cloud of your choice.
  • Files available in ANY clouds ( added to CloudFuze ) will be available for Search and upload in Spark.

Select the cloud you want. You can choose to sync Spark to the cloud under the root or even sync to a particular folder in that cloud.

Click on Sync. You are done integrating !