SecureContent Cloud for Your Enterprise

CloudFuze provides businesses, small and large, with a transformative cloud management platform focused on smart file management and enhanced security.

Increase Collaboration

  • CloudFuze syncs company cloud storage providers, including Google Drive and Sharefile, to one cloud management system for increased file accessibility.
  • File transfers are a natural part of business, but searching for files on numerous cloud accounts is tedious and slows down team productivity. CloudFuze encourages team collaboration by ensuring smart, secure, and rapid file transfers.
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Secure your Enterprise

  • According to a recent survey of more than 1000 computer security professionals, more than half acknowledge that their organization lacks the ability to control or secure how sensitive information is shared or stored by end users.
  • Unlike other enterprise platforms, CloudFuze allows users to personalize file access before sharing. Security customization includes password protection, expiration dates and restricted download access. This increases your control of sensitive company documents and makes for smarter file management.

Secure Mobile Access

Collaborate and stay up to date with files on the go from our secure mobile CloudFuze app.

Smart and Secure Sharing

Manage the who, what, and when of each company file transfer. Sensitive information requires higher security. CloudFuze has you covered.

Leading Admin Controls

Manage, Govern and audit users, devices, content, file & folder permissions and shares in a centralized console.

Secure Your Enterprise