Transfer files from Amazon S3 to Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and OneDrive

Amazon S3 is one of the revolutionary innovations in cloud file storage and Object storage.

S3 stands for Simple Storage Service. Amazon S3 specially designed for Developers and IT teams with a simple web service interface to store and retrieve any amount of data and files from anywhere. Amazon S3 offers Scalability, high availability, and low latency. Amazon S3 is major backup destination for all  types of files from individual consumers to large enterprises.

Amazon launched Cloud Drive in 2011 which is designed for personal files and photos with any device access. Amazon cloud drive offers easy accessibility upload and sharing from virtually any device or platform. 

Amazon S3 offers 5 GB of Amazon S3 storage and 15GB of data transfers each month, Amazon Cloud Drive offers unlimited Photo storage and 5GB of other data storage. Pricing plans for both Amazon S3 and Amazon Cloud Drive starts from a very low price range. Less cost makes most of the Cloud Storage users to migrate from existing cloud storage services to Amazon S3 and Amazon Cloud Drive.
A lot of time and bandwidth is consumed to download your files from other cloud services and upload it back to Amazon S3 or Amazon Cloud Drive.

CloudFuze offers easy migration from any other cloud service to Amazon S3 or Amazon Cloud Drive in 3 simple steps. You just need to configure the cloud storage services with CloudFuze secure cloud storage manager and initiate a move from any cloud storage service to Amazon S3 or Amazon Cloud Drive.  There is no need to logged in while files are transferring. CloudFuze will send you an email notification on the migration status, once the move is completed.

It’s suggested to integrate all your cloud storage accounts that you would like to transfer files from and to, for example if you would like to transfer files from Amazon S3/ Amazon Cloud Drive to Google Drive, Dropbox, Box or  OneDrive  other wise to transfer files any service to Amazon S3.


CloudFuze is the best migration solution that allows moving of large files (more than 100MB) Amazon S3 and Amazon Cloud Storage with 3 simple steps.